Retrofitting Spaces to Accommodate a Home Office

If there is one thing we have learned in self-isolation over the last few months, it is the necessity of allocating personal space towards a professional working space. Whether we have a home office or have established a make shift office, we can agree that working from home has changed the spaces we live in.

From a design perspective our future mandates retrofitting this work space as a necessary integral component to our home floor plans. New Homeowners will be seeking the " office" as a more permanent space in their layouts moving forward. These undergoing renovations will reconfigure and ensure rooms of necessity provide a designated room to accommodate a must have "office" in the new scheme.

The office no longer is a place we come to after a long day from the workplace to drop off our keys or brief cases. It will have new requirements within it that supersede what we cosmetically looked at for this space in the past as the "den". Adjustments to personal items that once occupied this space will be relocated & possibly scaled back to make room for a more professional based backdrop to our video conferencing needs. Creating a balance between this functioning environment will mean incorporating our workplace setting while still phasing our familiar home furnishings in continuity to other rooms surrounding this space.

The office ideology at home will now serve as a prevalent foreground to the familiar workplace parameters established in our learning curve during this pandemic. We will need high speed internet capabilities to match the public workplaces no glitches and speed comparison requirements. We will need room to store files (be it on our hard drives or hard copies space if required). Provisions for functioning desks, places to layout papers or drawings and a space that can function without disruptions when others are home. The lighting and ergonomics of the furniture you will need will be essential components for long hours spent in confined spaces. Provisions of sorts to each individual profession will now make the "office" the new essential space within a home.

If we are retrofitting spaces; perhaps its a spare bedroom or its part of larger room sectioned off to accommodate a desk & chair to suit the new home office, we will now have this built in commodity in our homes to transition to effectively. Whatever the need, the home office now holds a valuable place & need in all our lives. Maybe it's a trend, a fad, or a new adaptation of the times, but regardless it is now an effective space that serves a true functioning purpose in this time frame.

Taking these work from home measures has & will add value to your home in all renovations The wave of the future holds new measures to implement a seamless transition for us all to work in any environment & after a proven tested circumstance such as this time of quarantine we know it be a true reality needed. This " new normal" is now going to change the way we work long term. Lessening the value of its necessity or reality and it's implementation to this environment is of great value to all homeowners. It is also of significant value to the owners of offices with workers requiring to work from home, staying safe & as statistic show, being far more productive.

One must always reflect on what we have learned in this situation and apply it our future for better. Stay safe, enjoy your space and if you require that space planning of this new space email us and let us help you transform that office today!

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